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July/August 2018 Volume 58 Issue 12

July Special Mission Offerings -  Blue Spring Terrace and Hunger Action – Around the World

Blue Spring Terrace - “The Terrace” is made up of thirteen homes on a quiet, tree-lined street private street, with a church and a park. The campus is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Blue Springs Terrace provides independent living in supportive Christian community for ALL retired pastors and full-time Christian workers of the United Church of Christ and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and/or their spouses. Houses are provided and residents pay a small monthly maintenance fee. Work projects include building assessments and repairs so that people can remain in their homes living independently. The Terrace is responsible for lawn care, snow removal and capital improvements. Volunteers from local churches and some residents gather every Tuesday to care of the building and ground needs. Other facilities include a guest apartment and a community center (the Agape House) for birthday and anniversary celebrations.


Hunger Action Month is sponsored by Feeding America, the nation's leading domestic hunger-relief charity working to feed  about 49 million America's hungry through a nationwide network. The United Church of Christ churches around the country are putting special emphasis on feeding the hungry and raising awareness  From volunteering at food banks, to signing petitions, to wearing the color  orange, to sending meals to underprivileged children. Congregations can make it clear that hunger is an issue everyone should care about all year long.


August Special Mission Offerings -  Emmaus Home & Clay County Clothes Closet  

Emmaus Home is a faith-based mission providing compassionate care to adults with developmental disabilities in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Understanding the changing needs of an aging population, Emmaus provides homes and programming for residents of all ages, based on their unique needs and goals. As part of their residential services, Emmaus serves 40 homes throughout the community and at two campuses. The Senior and Adult Services program provides opportunities for residents to learn, make friends and become involved in their community through a variety of social, educational and recreational activities. 


Clay County Clothes Closet is a non-profit organization that provides free clothing to northland families in need. Their volunteers assist children and families who are referred to the Clothes Closet by churches, schools, and social agencies.

They gladly accept clothing donations, offers to volunteer, and financial contributions. 

Bethel Fish Fry - July 15

5 pm - 7pm

A time for fun, food and fellowship, bring your friends.

Bring a dish to share. Signup in the Narthex.

We need to know by Wednesday, July 11th if you are coming .

Suggested $5 donation for the audio/hearing upgrade for the Sanctuary renovation.


Sign-up Sheet is in the Narthex.

We need volunteers for set up and clean up.


Church World Service Blankets Huge Success

Over $300 was collected for the Blankets+ Program. Thank you for wrapping a child or adult in God’s warm love.


 Great job Bethel!


Quarterly Congregational Meeting - July 29

There will be a congregational meeting on Sunday, July 29 immediately following worship.  

Greetings from Pastor Karen


During July and August we will be following Moses as he leads his people out of Egypt in search of the Promise Land. It's an amazing story that has been told down through the ages and captured in one of the greatest movies of all times The Ten Commandments. Although many place the historical exodus in the late thirteenth century BCE, some scholars conclude "...that the historical references in Exodus are slim, vague, or problematic and there is no archaeological record of the exodus in Egypt." But ours is a spiritual journey and does not require absolutes-God still speaks to us through the trials and tribulations of God's people and those chosen to lead them down through the ages. Following is the reading schedule. So get on your sandals as we head across the desert searching for freedom and a new beginning.


(You may begin with reading Exodus 1 & 2 where the Israelites increase in numbers causes fears for the Pharaoh and an edict goes out to kill all male babies under the age of 2. However, the Baby Moses is rescued by Pharaoh's daughter-he grows up as part of the royal family, but later defends an Israelite from an Egyptian beating-Moses runs away. Make sure to read Chapters 3&4 before July 1 .

Week of July 2-7-Read Chapters 5, 6 & 7 (Summary: Moses & Aaron ask Pharaoh to release the Hebrews from slavery. God promises to deliver them from the Egyptians. The first plague: the Nile is turned to blood.

Week of July 9-14-Read Chapters 8,9 & 10 (Second, third and fourth plagues: frogs, gnats and flies; the fifth, sixth and seventh plagues: Egyptians livestock die, boils and hail; eighth & ninth plagues: locust & darkness.

Sunday, July 15- Message from Exodus 11 The tenth plague, the death of the firstborn is threatened.

Week of July16-21-Read Chapters 12, 13, 14 (Summary: The Passover; people celebrate their freedom from Egypt by dedicating their firstborn to God; the parting of the Red Sea)

Week of July 23-28-Read Chapters 15, 16,17 (Summary: the Israelites sing a song of deliverance; God gives the Israelites bread from heaven.; God brings forth water from a rock and the Israelites defeat the Amalekites)

Week of July 30-August 4-Read Chapters 18,19, 20 (Summary: Jethro advises Moses to appoint leaders; God's presence appears before the people at Sinai; the Ten Commandments given by God)

Week of August 6-11-Read Chapters 21,22,23,24 (Summary: God expands on the Ten Commandments; God gives the law concerning theft and social responsibility; Feast of Unleavened Bread, Feast of Harvest and Feast of Ingathering are reaffirmed or introduced; Moses confirms the covenant of Israel with God)

Week of August 13-18-Read Chapters 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 (Summary: God gives instructions for the collection of offerings to be used to build the tabernacle; instructions on building the tabernacle, God describes to Moses the design of the bronze altar and the court; God chooses Aaron as chief priest and his sons as priests-instructs design for the priestly garments; consecration of the priests)

Although this seems like a lot to read, you can skip over the blueprint of the temple and some of the other instructions on how to build and what the priests are suppose to wear-these chapters are very detailed: an architect or seamstress might find these extremely interesting. May look them over and see if any line or verse jumps out at you!

Week of August 20-25-Read Chapters 30, 31,32 (Summary: construction continues on the tabernacle; God equips all the artisans to make everything for the tabernacle and reminds them to keep the Sabbath; Aaron has the Israelites build and worship the golden calf.

Week of August 27-Read Chapters 33, 34,35, 36 (Summary: God glory passes by Moses; God writes the second set of commandments; Moses gives instructions concerning the Sabbath and more contributions are collected; called artisans construct the tabernacle.

Again, Chapters 35 and 36 gives instructions on collecting more offerings and building the temple-although interesting, you can skip over some of the details.

Week of September 3-8-Read Chapters 38-40. (Summary: the bronze altar; the final inspection; God's glory fills the tabernacle.

Sunday, September 9-Rally Day-Message will be an overview of the Book of Exodus and how it still speaks to us today. We will send our children back to Sunday School knowing that God will speak to them through their teachers, their class mates and the whole Bethel Congregation.


Pastor Karen

Kids Fest - July 28

The Evangelism Commission is gearing up for the 15th annual Kids Fest that will be held on Saturday, July 28 at the church.

Once again we are offering the child identification program conducted by the Missouri Masonic Children’s Foundation - MoCHIP.

MoCHIP is a comprehensive child identification program that is designed to give families a measure of protection in the event that the unthinkable happens. This program is provided FREE OF CHARGE. Each participant will receive a CD with digital photos, digital fingerprints, child information and emergency contacts, bite impressions for older children or a DNA swab for infants, and two laminated ID cards. With this information, law enforcement officials can issue an Amber Alert within four minutes of receiving the CD.

In addition to the MoCHIP stations in the Sunday School Room, we will once again have our animal visitors from the Kansas City Zoo Zoomobile, games, activities and family fun. In an average year, we have 150-200 visitors (students and their families) who visit Bethel for this event.

The Evangelism Commission is collecting donations now to fill 125 elementary school and 25 middle school bags. Our Bethel family has always come through in a big way for this event, and we need your help again this year. With your cash donation the E-Team will do the shopping .We will pool the resources and do some bargain hunting and power shopping to make the most of those dollars.


We also need volunteers to serve as greeters and work the games, face painting and other activity stations located around the church.

We need volunteers after church on Sunday, July 22 to stuff bags and setting up for Kidsfest.


If you have any questions, please see Kristen Marshall or any member of the Evangelism Commission.


Prayer Care

Please pray for . . . 


Serving our Country: Wesley Luttrell; nephew of Joe Luttrell; Rick Pope, Marilyn Helmich’s son, serving in Kuwait.

In Extended Care:  Ken Webb, Assisted Living at 111 NW Mock Ave. , Blue Springs, MO 64014; Sallie Carleton Room 319A New Mark Care Center; Cindy Richter, Heritage Village, Rm 100;

Family and friends needing prayer: Jim Inman; Art Todtenhausen; Adam Niederhauser; Doug Berka; Jamie Elder; Betty Meugniot; Lora Carey; Kathy Corn; Shianne Reith; Lucy Banks; Jeremy Faust’s aunt, Ruth Shetler; Dale Parson; Dolores M. Starr, Donna Fischer’s daughter; Dan Schadt, the Pace’s brother in-law; Vernon Robinett, Debbie Robinett’s brother; Staci Sand-Svengard, Don Sand’s daughter; Kathy Hayes’ mother, JoAnn Schott; Bob & Kathy Porter; Gavin Finch, friend of Stephanie Dodd; Theresa Zitterkopf, Shirlee Mendon’s mother; Mark Easley; Betty Weger’s daughter, Anna; Joyce Thomas, friend of Marquita & Randy Pace; Jay Marshall’s grandmother, Eunice Neitzert; Jody Meyer’s great niece, Diane Shoemaker; Debbie Robinett’s father, and her sister-in-law, Regina Robinett; Jamie Elder’s sister, Susan Scritchfield; Stan Ray; Lauri Buck’s friends, Rita Mendenez and Trish & Perry Taylor; Ruthanna Rodatz, Kathy Corn’s sister; Lauri Buck’s aunt, Ethel Bloesch; Judy Lightheart, friend of the Corns. 

Thank You

Dear Bethel,

Sincere thanks to the Bethel congregation for welcoming me into the fold and supporting me during Don’s illness, his passing, and now as we share memories.

Special thanks to Pastor Karen, Jeremy, Chad and the choir for honoring Don by fulfilling his requests; likewise, to those who provided the food and served the luncheon to conclude the celebration of Don’s life. Whether it was in the form of prayers, cards, flowers, or comforting words, your caring concern did not go unnoticed. I shall be forever grateful. May God bless each of you.

Sincerely, Adele (Eversmeyer) Jones, aka, as “Don’s sister”


Dear Bethel,

Thank you so much for the purple & yellow cut flowers in memory of Don.

Adele & All the Schmidts


Dear Bethel

Thank you for the lovely plant you sent for Jim’s service. I know he would have been touched by your thoughtfulness. We are grateful for friends like you at this time of sorrow.

Joyce and Jeremy Manley 

July Lectionary

Sunday, July 1- Sixth Sunday after Pentecost-COMMUNION

Preparers: Hance & Mary Ann Pierson Servers: Laurie A., Preston C. Joe G., Alice T.


Exodus 3:1-15, 4:18-20


Sunday, July 8-Seventh Sunday after Pentecost

Exodus 7:14-25


Sunday, July 15-Eighth Sunday after Pentecost

Exodus 11


This evening from 5-7 pm is our Fish Fry. (see article) Please come around 4 if you can help set up or stay after 7 to help clean up. Thanks to the Piersons for sharing their catch!!


Sunday, July 22-Ninth Sunday after Pentecost

Exodus 14:10-14, 19-25


Sunday, July 29-Tenth Sunday after Pentecost-CONGREGATIONAL MEETING

Exodus 17:1-7


August Lectionary

Sunday, August 5-Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost-COMMUNION

Exodus 20:1-21


Sunday, August 12-Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost

Exodus 24:9-18


Sunday, August 19-Thriteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Exodus 29:38-46


Sunday, August 26-Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Exodus 32:19-20, 30-35


Confirmation class will meet briefly after the service on 8/26 to choose mentors and assign scripture to be read on Rally Sunday, September 9. Our first class will be during the Sunday School hour at 9 am on September 16th.  

July                                 August       Birthdays                       Birthdays  

1       Jessica Faust

4      Pablo Payne

5       Charlene Borgman

9       Chella Lauer 

10    Jennifer Clark  

15     Sheri Bunch

          Gordon Hendrix

16     Jerry Teague 

          Lucy Banks

18      Doug Van Slyke

          Anthony Hayes

19      Dustin Kenyon

          Emma Marshall

22     Shawn Van Slyke

24     Alice Kennedy

          Kris Lyman

           Don Sand

30     Staci Van Slyke 

2       Neil Malsam

5       Preston Corn

7       David Schindler

8        Bob Buck

          Susan Schindler

9       Sonja Payne

11      Dione Boyice

12     Pat Gemmer

12     Laurie Arbouthnot

16     Declan Terrill

17     Marilyn Donahoe

22     Art Todtenhausen

23     Liz Guevel 

24     Ted Basch

         Fulvio Hayes

26     Nicholas Clark

27     Steve Mann

28     Joe Germer

29     Gene McCarty

31     Dale Rickert    

         James Marshall 

Conference Annual Gathering 2018 - CAG

The theme of this year’s CAG was the denomination’s national imperative for the next two years, “Three great Loves: Love of Children, Love of Neighbor, and Love of Creation. A JUST WORLD FOR ALL.”

This year’s CAG is history and the necessary business of the Conference was accomplished: approving the 2019 budget, reports from the Conference Minister, staff, Conference Council Moderator and Treasurer; voting on an amendment to the national bylaws, installation of new Conference Council members. Numerous organizations had displays and information explaining the services that they offer (e.g. Emmaus Homes, Blue Springs Terrace, the Deaconess Foundation and many more.) People had opportunities to attend a wide variety of workshops, presentations and discussions.

The highlight of the 2018 CAG was the presence of the UCC General Minister and President Rev. Dr. John Dorhauer who was in attendance from the opening keynote address on Thursday morning until the closing worship on Saturday afternoon. Everyone had opportunities hear him speak, preach and answer questions.

The topic of many of John’s talks was the changing perception of church by the younger generations. In John’s book “Beyond Resistance” he refers to the early church as Church 1.0., and in it he describes how the church leadership lost sight of its mission and purpose. Then 500 years ago Martin Luther challenged the status quo of the Church 1.0 by reminding the church that it did not exist for the church’s hierarchy, but for betterment of humankind. This challenge caused a major upheaval known as the Protestant Reformation. John refers to the church that emerged at that time as Church 2.0. Bethel is considered as part of Church 2.0. Now fast forward 500-years and today’s young people are no longer interested in being the church that “we” have known all our lives. This generation is not interested in having large and impressive buildings and the need to be concerned with how we pay the bills, maintain these structures and attract new members. They are not interested in being a member of a community of faith that focuses on the internal needs of Church 2.0. This is evident by the number of churches that are closing in all mainline denominations because of the decline in membership. The members of these new generations are concerned with mission and helping their neighbors. They see neighbors and needs as both global as well as local issues. John refers to this generation as Church 3.0. Sadly, Church 2.0 will continue to decline in both membership as well as the number of congregations as church 3.0 continues to grow. Many congregations are using their reserves and endowments trying to survive when these resources could better be utilized for mission and helping “neighbors” because when these sources of revenue are exhausted these churches will still need to close.

We (the United Church of Christ) see Rev. Dr. John Dorhauer as a prophetic voice and a 21st century Martin Luther. Church 2.0 needs to listen to his admonition that too many congregations are too concerned with their own existence and they have lost sight of the true mission of “the church”. Church 2.0 and Church 3.0 will continue to coexist for some time, but just as Church 2.0 supplanted Church 1.0 Church 3.0 will become the church of the future.

I do think Bethel still remains true to the mission and purpose for being “church”. I pray that Bethel never loses sight of mission and ministry to those less fortunate.

Respectfully, Ron Wendle - Delegate



The “HOMIES” Bethel UCC Men’s Group

July 20, 2018 Meet at Bethel 11 AM Lunch —Joe’s Bar-B-Que

 Join us for our July meeting! It is a LUNCH EVENT departing the Bethel parking lot at 11:00 AM, We’ll head for Joe’s Bar-B-Que, 3002 W. 47th Ave, Kansas City, Kansas.  

August 17, 2018 Tour Union Station & WW I Museum Lunch—Jack Stack

August, HOMIES will meet at Bethel to carpool for of a tour of Union Station & WW I Museum with lunch at Jack Stack, 101 W. 22nd St., Kansas City, MO . For more information contact Randy Pace (816-810-4004).    


Bethel Talent Show - Friday, August 10

Bethel Talent Show—August 10

Are you ready to share your talent at

Bethel’ s Got Talent Show

Friday, August 10th—7:00 pm

Rehearsal 5:30 pm —Cast Party with Pizza—6:15 pm

Calling all Young, Old and Not So Old to come share their talent. Join the fun at this event showcasing Bethel’s very own You’ve Got Talent . It will be a fun filled evening of talented individuals just waiting for their chance to perform before an enthusiastic audience of Bethel family and friends. There will be a signup sheet in the Narthex

For more information contact Jeremy Faust 

Southwood UCC Plans Quatemala Trip—Jan 13-19, 2019

Southwood UCC Plans Quatemala Trip—Jan 13-19, 2019

A trip is being planned for Sunday, January 13 to Saturday, Jan. 19. Our group will tour the work being done by People for Guatemala, help with medical and construction work in the villages, and tour the beautiful city of Antigua.

Total cost, including all transportation, lodging and most meals is $1,300 per person. A side trip to visit Lake Atitlan from Jan. 19 to 22 is available of an additional $350.

If you’re interested or would like more information please contact Pastor Michael at Southwood UCC or 816-353-9090.


Sew & Serve Starts Again July 11th

Sew & Serve has been completing projects for Crittenden and Synergy House and would like you to be a part of their group. Some of the special projects include: pillow cases, personal blankets, small throws and stuffed bears, rabbits, mice and kittens. If you have a project from a special organization that you would like to suggest, come on Wednesday mornings from around 10:00 am to 2 pm, bring your lunch and enjoy the fellowship of this fun mission-minded group. See you on Wednesdays!!