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 January/February  2019                                                                 Volume 60, Issue 3

Annual Congregational Meeting - January 27

The Annual Congregational meeting will be held following worship on January 27th. Voting on final approval of the budget for 2019 and hearing reports from all Commissions are on the agenda. All annual reports from Commissions and committees are due by January 13th. (See article on page 7.)

Benevolence Special Mission Offering - January

City Union Mission

Since 1924, City Union Mission has provided warm beds, nutritious food and a place of safety for thousands of poverty-stricken and homeless men, women and children. Founded by Rev. and Mrs. David Bulkley, the Mission's staff has been uncompromising in our commitment to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the hurting and the lost. City Union Mission receives no government support and is not a United Way agency. The Mission depends completely on the gifts of God's people-individuals, churches, groups, foundations and businesses who have a heart for the poor and homeless in Kansas City. During 2017, City Union Mission was able to serve more than 260,000 meals, provide nearly 140,000 nights of safe shelter and impact thousands of individuals through our life-transforming programs. 

February Benevolences

CUE is a regional partnership of sixteen mid-west conferences, three seminaries and the national setting of the United Church of Christ in support of theological education. Since their founding in 1850 Eden Theological Seminary has been a place where academic scholarship, spiritual nurture, and passion for social justice is combined and created to transformation leaders for the church and the world. Faithful support of CUE seminaries is an investment in the current and future leadership of the United Church of Christ 

Northland Shepherd’s Center (Now includes Meals on Wheels)

Northland Shepherd's Center is located at 4805 NE Antioch Road, Suite 9, Kansas City, MO 64119. On July 1, 2017, Northland Meals on Wheels merger with Shepherd Center. The merger will help older adults find out about programs and services offered by Shepherd Center. Northland Shepherd's Center's mission is to: "Improve the quality of life of older adults in the Northland. SCN is dedicated to promoting the physical, mental and social well-being of older adults and assisting them in maintaining their dignity, continued productivity and independence. They support Enrichment opportunities through programs that allow older adults to share their many areas of expertise with others in the community and continue to learn and grow within themselves. The Northland Shepherd's Center is operated as a nonprofit. It depends on donations, grants, fees and its own fund-raising efforts to keep the doors open. 

Greetings from Pastor Karen


As we get ready to leap into the New Year, I want to thank everyone who made our Advent and Christmas here at Bethel so very special. Whether it was the decorations, the children's program 'Manger Tales', the caroling, the bell ringing, the cantata, "Lead Me Back to Bethlehem", the poinsettia display, the special communion and candlelight services on Christmas Eve, the wonderful Nativity tableaus created by the children and the adults with newly created costumes, the glorious music shared by Jeremy, Chad, the choir and various soloists or the delicious treats shared at our Bistros throughout the season, everything created an atmosphere of praise and joy that was part of our journey to the manger. And on top of it all, the generous giving to our special benevolences again displayed Bethel's beautiful spirit as we strive to live into our discipleship.

I also want to share my personal thanks for your generous Christmas gift to me. My note of thanks was read to the Council on December 21 and I share it with you all now:

Again, your grace and generosity are amazing. Being in ministry with you all is the best gift ever. As I look at all the wonderful missions and ministries that continue to grow I am aware of how the Holy Spirit is among us.

Thank you for being you and giving such a generous gift. I am humbled and honored.

So a New Year approaches-a new beginning-experiences and challenges as yet unwritten, a year where we bring our hopes, prayers for peace, worship filled with joy and our commitment to love neighbor and stranger with the love of Christ. There will be challenges as well as miracles and we will meet both knowing that God is among us in all circumstances. May your year be filled with blessings and the assurance that God is with us.


Pastor Karen 

Weather Advisory Notices for Bethel Services

Although we intend to not cancel services, if weather conditions are such that we need to reconsider notices will be put on local stations about church service closures, it is planned that Bethel’s notice of closure will be on Channel 9 (KMBC-TV 9), Channel 4  (Fox4—WDAF), and on Bethel’s website at and facebook. Decisions for canceling worship services will be made by the Church Council. 

Prayer Care

Please pray for . . . 


Serving our Country:  Wesley Luttrell; nephew of Joe Luttrell; Rick Pope, Marilyn Helmich’s son, serving in Kuwait.


In Extended Care:  Sallie Carleton Room 319A New Mark Care Center, 11221 N Nashua, KCMO 64155;  Cindy Richter, Heritage Village, Rm 100; 


Hospitalized:  Mollie Geitz, NKC Hospital


Family and friends needing prayer:   Donna Fischer; Jim Inman; Adam Niederhauser; Doug Berka; Toni Faust; Jamie Elder; Betty Meugniot;  Lora Carey; Kathy Hayes’ mother, Josephine Schott; Anne Eversmeyer’s brother, Paul Schmidt; Stephanie Dodd’s granddaughter, Alexandra Mortallaro; Betty Weger’s daughter, Anna Mason; AnnaLee Kapp’s father, Ed Boyd; Laurie Arbuthnot’s twin sister, Corrie Orth; Ted Basch’s sister, Cathy Brodbeck; Jeremy Faust’s aunt, Ruth Shetler; Joyce Manley’s niece, Rhonda Freeman; Donna Fischer’s daughter, Dolores M. Starr,; Pace’s brother in-law, Dan Schadt and friends Joyce Thomas & Holly Hampton;  Stephanie Dodd’s friend, Gavin Finch; Shirlee Mendon’s, mother, Theresa Zitterkopf, ;  Sonja Payne’s sister, Sharla Norris;  Jay Marshall’s grandmother, Eunice Neitzert; Jody Meyer’s great niece, Diane Shoemaker; Debbie Robinett’s father, brother, Vernon, and her sister-in-law, Regina Robinett; Kathy Corn’s sister, Ruthanna Rodatz & friend Judy Lightheart

Reports Due by January 13

All Committee, Commission, Pastor, Council and other Reports are due no later than January 13. These reports need to be sent to Marquita Pace for Bethel’s 2018 Annual Report. The report is due to be submitted to the congregational at the Annual Congregational Meeting on January 27. You may email the reports to Marquita Pace at or by mail at 7711 N. Kansas Ave. Kansas City, MO 64119. Call Marquita at 816-810-5706 if you have any questions. 

 · Council Report

 · Financial Secretary’s Report

 · Administration

 · Benevolence

 · Christian Education

 · Membership

 · Evangelism

 · Pastor

 · Audit Committee

 · Bethel Sew & Serve

 · Bethel Book Club

 · Bethel Friends Unlimited


· Not So Young Adults

 · Stewardship

 · Outreach to the Community

      · Prayer Shawl Ministry

      · Reiki Group

     · WIC Program

     · BackPack Shepherds

     · Voting Center

     · Boy Scout Troop

     · Worship Committee

     · Music Director

     · Visual Arts

· Pastor’s Report


· Financial Reports

 · Treasurer’s Report

 · Bethel 2019 Budget 

NSYA Adults Planning Session - January 13

The NSYA’s planing session following worship, January 13.  Jeremy has asked for ideas for the NSYA for 2018.


Youth Sunday - January 27

Today we hear from our confirmands as they share the meaning of church to them and their vision of the future church.  Our Sunday School children will serve as acolytes and ushers on that day.  Come and support our youth as they continue to grow in their faith.  It will be a special day ! Following worship, our confirmands will be observing our Annual meeting and getting an understanding  of what the different Committees and Commissions do.

Thank You From Pastor Karen

Dear Bethel,

Thank you for the monetary gift this Christmas.  I am both humbled and grateful by your kindness and generosity.  As I have expressed before, all of you are the most amazing gift.  What a blessing it is to observe all of our missions and ministries growing and being the light of Christ to others.  I look forward to our ministry in 2019 and working together to build up the body of Christ.



Pastor Karen


Dear Bethel Family,

We want to thank our Bethel family and friends for their prayers and concerns during my recent interruption of the Cantata. Sorry to have such a happening, Thank you everyone for yoru quick response and attention and continued good wishes and many prayers. I am doing well.

Love, Don Sand and Pat Armstrong


Friends of Bethel,

Thank you for your expressions of kindness through prayers, cards, and words after the loss of my mother, Jo Schuenemeyer. The poinsettia was absolutely beautiful and perfect as she loved Christmas and the gold glitter sparkled as she did. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness.

Bev Duer


Dear Pastor Karen and the Bethel family,

Thank you for the loving support that you have given my parents (Jim & Alice Inman) during this time.

Sincerely, Alisa and family



Thank your church for the wonderful Thanksgiving meal you served to Bethel South and North. (We forget thanks). I was the only one this year from the south building who walked up the hill, others rode.

Jean Hopkins, Bethel Greencastle



Thank you all for everything we are blessed to have you in our lives. We are so appreciative and blessed that people like you are so generous.

Thank you,

Megan, Taylor, Ryker Brendan


Seasons Greetings!!

Today I send out our deepest and warmest thanks!! Your kindness in this time, fans into flame our desire to share the love of Jesus Christ unto others! I can’t express how being loved & remembered through this time blesses this single mother!

Merry Christmas,

Our deepest thanks,

The Ford Family



Thank you so much for the lovely service you planned and had for Dad. It was perfect. We enjoyed the time we spent with you sharing our memories of Dad and special family times. So many people  commented to us about how personal it was and what a beautiful tribute to his life. You made it a special day for us.

With our deepest thanks to you,

Time and Talent Pledge Cards

If you haven’t already turned in your pledge card or Time & Talent Sheet it’s still not too late.

January Lectionary

Sunday-January 6-Epiphany-COMMUNION

Isaiah 60:1-6

Matthew 2:1-12

 Today we follow the Wise Men as they listen to God and find 'Another Way' to return home that does not include the road back to Herod.  Sometimes the Holy Spirit leads us through our dreams-when have you been led by the Holy Spirit?

 Unhanging of the Greens-After the service we will pack away our decorations and hold the beauty of Christmas in our hearts through the year.


Sunday-January 13-1st Sunday After Epiphany

Isaiah 42:1-9

Luke 3:15-22

 We will receive new members during the service followed by a lunch hosted by Evangelism for new members, sponsors, church leadership & staff.


Sunday-January 20-2nd Sunday After Epiphany

 1Corinthians 12:1-11

John 2:1-11


Today we install our Council and Commissions as they begin their work for Bethel in 2019.


Sunday-January 27-3rd Sunday after Epiphany-YOUTH SUNDAY

 Luke 2:39-52

Luke 4:16-21


Our confirmands will share with us their definition of church, what church has meant to them and how they envision the church of the future.

January Birthdays

4               Marsha Wilson

8               Amy Lane

12             Chad Willis

16             Kristen Marshall

16             Steve McDuff

21             Eddie Villanueva

22              Fred Lauer

23              Jeremy Manley

25              Ryan Lauer

26              Bev Duer

                 Shianne Reith

31             Eleanor Faust

Council and Commission Members 2019

Commissioning During Worship - January 20

Council:   Kathy Harms Laurie Arbuthnot Alice Terrill Sonja Payne Preston Corn Shirlee Mendon  Gary Pierson Elaine McDuff  Jan Rickert

Council Representatives from Commissions: Administration – Hance Pierson Benevolence – Debbie Robinett Christian Education – Tracy Gavisk Evangelism – Ron Wendle Membership – Stephanie Dodd Financial Secretary – Margaret Basch

Administration: Randy Pace , Chair Doug Berka Terry Aitkens Jay Marshall Mary Ann Pierson, Treasurer Hance Pierson Larry Jurgensen Mike Mendon Ted Basch

Benevolence: Marilyn Helmich Debbie Robinett Cathy Leslie Liz Guevel Jamie Elder

Christian Education: Traci Gavisk & Susan Schindler, Chair Shari Achille  Traci Pierson  Jessica Faust Lauri Buck Daniel Hendrix

Evangelism: Jeannie Kenyon, Chair,  Kristen Marshall Ron Wendle  Don Sand  Pat Armstrong  Betty Weger

Membership : Gerry McGuire, Chair  Jody Meyer Gerry Hendrix  Donna Fischer  Stephanie Dodd  Jeanene Easley

Bethel Book Club

BOOK CLUB—Thursday, January 17th— 6:30 pm at Shirlee Mendon’s home

We have a book picked out for January entitled, Underground Railroad by Colton Whitehead. In Whitehead's ingenious conception, the Underground Railroad is no mere metaphor - engineers and conductors operate a secret network of tracks and tunnels beneath the Southern soil. Cora and Caesar's first stop is South Carolina, in a city that initially seems like a haven - but the city's placid surface masks an insidious scheme designed for its black denizens. Even worse: Ridgeway, the relentless slave catcher, is close on their heels. Forced to flee again, Cora embarks on a harrowing flight, state by state, seeking true freedom.

Unhanging of the Greens - January 6

For the past few weeks we have enjoyed the beauty of the season with our lovely decorations. As we all know, what goes up must come down. Join us on January 6th following the worship to put away our Christmas decor but not our Christmas spirit! We can sing some Epiphany songs (or any other songs you want) as we pack everything away for another year. The more the merrier!!


Pledges 2019

 If you haven’t turned in your pledge card it’s not too late. We want to thank all who pledged and those who give through out the year. Bethel is looking forward to serving God and community in 2019 through the continued support of our congregation.


Souper Bowl of Caring - February 3

Souper Bowl of Caring Mission Statement—Using the energy of the Super Bowl to mobilize youth in a united national effort to care for people in their local communities who are hungry and those in need. Vision Statement—Transform the time around the Super Bowl into the nation's largest celebration of giving and serving.

Souper Bowl of Caring beliefs:

· The idea for Souper Bowl of Caring is a gift from God

· Young people have the ability to serve and should be given opportunities to lead their communities in helping others

· Every dollar collected through Souper Bowl of Caring should be donated directly to a charity selected by each participating group

· People of all backgrounds and beliefs can work together

· Hunger and poverty have a negative impact on individuals and the communities in which they live, yet there is joy in serving and giving to those in need

· The excitement and energy surrounding the Super Bowl can be used to engage young people in service while producing lasting hope for all people.

 Bring your donations to Bethel on Super Bowl Sunday, February 3th. Your donations will be given to local food pantries . Last year we collected $535.38. This was the largest collection to date. 

February Lectionary

Sunday, February 3-Fourth Sunday after Epiphany-COMMUNION
Jeremiah 1:4-10

Luke 4:21-30

 Here the stories of prophets on the edge.


Sunday, February 10-Fifth Sunday after Epiphany

 Isaiah 6:8-13

Luke 5:1-11

 Jesus calls his disciples.  How would we recognize a call today? How would you respond?


Sunday, February 17-Sixth Sunday after Epiphany

 Jeremiah 17:5-10

Luke 6:17-26


Sunday, February 24-Seventh Sunday after Epiphany

 Luke 6:27-38

February Birthdays

2    Mike Mendon

       Emma Gavisk

        Eric Kluender  

4      Anna Achille

5      Tom Meyer

12     Madalyn Kenyon

14    Mollie Geitz

16    Alice Inman

17    Claira Faust

18   Marie Dodson

        Andy Dugan

22   Mary Ann Pierson

        Randa Niederhauser

23   Peggy Burr

24   Jim Derry

25   Terry Aitkens 

Bethel Sew & Serve Begins Third Year

Sew & Serve volunteers continue to make beautiful creations to donate to Crittenden Center and Synergy. They have donated laundry bags, teddy bears,  Christmas stockings, small stuffed animals, summer sandals, and t-shirts. Liz  made pajama bottoms to go with the t-shirts.  Sandy & Marie did polar fleece throws, Donna made denim patchwork bags, Jody did pillow cases. Material was donated from Peddler’s Wagon. This were just some of the things they made and donated this year. If you want to join the group for even just a day they meet on Wednesday’s at Bethel starting at 10 am. Bring a brown bag lunch and join the group. If you have a special mission project for non-profit organizations that Sew and Serve can provide, please bring your ideas to someone in the group or contact the church office 816-453-2628.




(8 scheduled breweries!)

 JANUARY - Our first HOMIES lunch of the new year is at LC’s BBQ, 5800 Blue Parkway, Kansas City, MO. This is a NO TOUR, JUST BBQ event. For ride sharing, I’ll be at the Bethel UCC parking lot at 12:15, departing NLT 12:30 January 18, 2019. If I don’t hear from anyone, I’ll meet you at LC’s. Planned arrival at the restaurant is 1 PM. Please give me a call or text if you’re going, or need a ride, so I can get a count or meet you.


FEBRUARY – Is our first Food and Tour for the year at the Stockyard Brewery, 1600 Genessee, Kansas City, MO. The tour opens at noon so I’ll be at the Bethel parking lot, 11:15, depart for the Stockyards Brewery at 11:30, and meet those driving separately just before noon.



Randy Pace—816-810-4004

Save the Date

Ash Wednesday  March 6th

At this service we will have communion by intinction and the Imposition of Ashes. This age old tradition represents a sign of repentance before we begin our Lenten journey.

Time & Talent Sheets and Pledge Cards

If you haven’t already turned in your pledge card or Time & Talent Sheet it’s still not too late!!