Bethel United Church of Christ 

                   4900 NE Parvin Road, Kansas City, MO 64117

Christmas Blessings

Greetings Bethel Members and Friends,

Advent is upon us! The 'hope, peace, joy and love' of Christmas is just around the corner. As Christians, those words should be written on our hearts year around. 2020 has been a year filled with challenges and yet we have found ways to persevere. Through your dedication and commitment and finding new ways to stay connected, Bethel continues to carry on the work of Christ. Please look at the schedule of services for the coming weeks.


Sunday, November 29, First Sunday of Advent-HOPE- We begin our journey to Bethlehem. Please Invite a friend during the Advent season to join us online as we begin our journey with Hope in our hearts. By liking and sharing our services, we can get our Christmas message out to so many others.

Sunday, December 6th Second Sunday of Advent- PEACE- Today we will share in communion. Please have your version of the bread and cup available. We also have a special visit and short message from Damien Lake, the Associate Conference minister of the Missouri Mid-South Conference. He will be visiting our service virtually.

Sunday, December 13th Third Sunday of Advent-JOY


Join us for this very special Sunday, as our children will be sharing their amazing talents! Since they could not get together to practice for a pageant-they have recorded their talents at home and Jeremy has put together a talent extravaganza! We will hear a variety of musical instruments, perhaps a song or two and special readings. Remember to tell other family members and friends so they can enjoy this special Sunday.

Sunday, December 20th Fourth Sunday of Advent- LOVE


We light our fourth Advent Candle on this final Advent Sunday and hear our Bethel Choir and musicians share the message of Christmas, "Emmanuel, Christ with Us" with the presentation of a past cantata that is one of the favorites over the years. Have you invited a friend yet to one of our events?-if not, now is the time!

Christmas Eve, December 24th, 5:30 p.m.-LIGHTING THE CHRIST CANDLE

The Christmas Eve service will be pre-recorded and posted by 5:30 p.m. After that, you can watch it at your convenience. You can even watch at 11 p.m. if that has always been your tradition. If you would like to take part in the candle lighting portion during Silent Night, please have candles available. Also, we will be sharing in Communion-have your version of the cup and the bread with you. Come join us as we gather at the manger and welcome the Christ child into our hearts.

Sunday, December 27-First Sunday after Christmas-Christmas Carol Request Hour

It is hard to let go of singing Christmas carols, so we are having you send us your favorite carol and why it is special to you between now and Sunday, the 27th. E-mail, call the office, or post on Bethel Members Facebook page so we can share your favorite carol. We may hear the history of some of these beautiful carols.

Hope, Peace, Joy and Love!!

Pastor Karen